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3D X-Ray

On it's way to becoming the new standard of dental care, the 3D X-Ray scan is a game changer when it comes to dental radiographic imaging. While still a relatively new dental technology, it has already immensely altered the way that we collect information on our patients, with the result being the ability to diagnose and treatment plan in a manner that previously could not even be imagined. Allowing for visualization of all structures both hard and soft, 3D X-Ray imaging lets us look at a 3-D image of your teeth and jaws, allowing us to see in amazing clarity and detail things that we can't see on conventional panoramic and 2-D x-ray. In turn, you are given a more accurate diagnosis.

With this cutting edge technology, we can plan implants with precision and confidence, see an abscess that is hidden among other structures, and even see each individual nerve canal when doing root canal therapy. This improvement in care means an extension of the life of your teeth and an improvement in the quality of your implants and crowns. The transformation from interpreting 2-D information to diagnosing from 3-D imaging is a significant advancement in dentistry and one that has forever changed the way we practice dentistry at our office!


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